A downloadable icy forest

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A seemingly endless forest to stroll through and get lost in. There are rumors of an exile deep in its stony heart.

The Rat King is a atmospheric piece with an innovative locomotion mechanism. It is mainly meant to be explored, but there may be dangers hidden in a future update.

current version

The forest, a few rats, a visitor, and a hidden figure. Not much more! I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you have on the locomotion system, as I am not sure how stomach-churning it might be for some folk. I've left a testing-environment in there as well (press B or Y on the Touch controller).

new in v1.2

  • Fixed the Quest firmware update problems.
  • Added climbing.
  • Removed rotation from the forest (it's still in the testing rooms).
  • Some more soundscape details.
  • A few debugging bells and whistles -- there's a monitor now, with some extra settings. No need to worry about that, best leave them as-is.


QUEST: You’ll need to sideload this .apk to your quest yourself. It’s not too difficult -- if you have Android dev experience it's a walk in the park. You’ll probably want to use adb, although tools like SideQuest may also make this more accessible. I’m afraid I have to leave the specifics up to you for now!


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Development log


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have you stopped working on the project? I think it's a great start for a really neat exploration, or even survival game!

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Not stopped per se, but yeah it's kind of in slumber mode now, I'm sorry to say. Currently mostly focussing my free time on something different.

... I like the survival angle though!

Gave this a shot after reading about it in the r/OculusQuest subreddit. I LOVE the vibe and the lo-poly aesthetic.

Since you asked about the locomotion system.... um.... one of the least engaging in VR I've experienced yet. It's not the action, which makes sense as a walking action of sorts, it's the slowness of it. I think it would be greatly improved with increasing the "reach" i.e. let me move more with each pull. As it is now, it's VERY tedious to get around.

While I realize this is a very early prototype, I would think about using some tried and tested locomotion mechanics, like free roam on the joysticks, or teleport. Best of all possible worlds, options to use whichever locomotion system the user wants. 

Great frickin' start though! As a walking sim fan (Proteus, Shape of the World, Journey, I'm always excited to have a new lo-poly world to explore.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you! The pacing is quite deliberate, meant to be not much quicker than walking. The system also supports actual IRL walking, if you have the space, or if you keep realigning the VR world. Was amazed for myself as well how slow that feels in VR!

I’m considering adding a multiplier, but really want to encourage players to take the pace as given as much as I can. 

And then I add monsters to run away from ; )

Thanks so much for the feedback! Much appreciated. Duly noted!

Super cool. You should contact Sidequest and get the app on there :)

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Yes, here is where you can contact him.

https://sidequestvr.com/ https://discordapp.com/channels/413712766180786176/587736317547511808


Done : )