Finally a new version!

It's been a while!

I've been tinkering with A Piece Of The Universe the whole time, but progress has been slow. I am chuffed to announce now that the whole thing is being driven by a completely custom interaction system though, that took a lot of work, but it's so flexible now. Also, everything in the world now gets saved, which took a while to figure out how to best do (and honestly, internally it's still quite messy). 

Also getting the old Unity I'm using and the old Input System to work nicely with the new Index controllers was a hassle, but it works! 

Changelist for who's interested:

- completely new and homebrewn interaction system, this is mainly what took so long : ).
- a fully functionmal cassette-recorder to go and find.
- recordable tapes that go along with it.
- Save-moths.
- The Frogs.
- Everything in APOTU now gets saved between sessions. 
- more journal reports.
- Graphics inside the Cahier, as well as polaroids to theme them.
- Ladybugs of Reportage now signal that you have a new idea for the journal. 
- A new bit inside the tropical swamplands.
- Teleport glasses of various presets.
- I think 'phase' teleport is new?
- Munchausen-heightadjustment: grab your collar to raise/lower yourself.
- Tweaks to the telekinetics system.
- A functional bedside tapedeck to replay your recordings.
- Tapes can now transport you if you listen to them in bed.
- Something new in the mail!
- An new, even wetter world to scour out.
- Index support.
- Optimisations.

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Oct 25, 2020

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Hi, I just discovered your project :)! Just wanted to say that it looks really promising, keep up the work!! 

Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply, just now discovered that itch doesn't notify on devlog comments : (