APOTU 0.7 – the systems update

A Piece Of The Universe keeps being this very personal playpen of ideas, and for this update, it's turned out to be mostly system-level-ideas. I'm trying hard to keep everything fully in-world, finding VR solutions for stuff we're used to see solved by a layer of interface.  Try them out, see if you like it! And let me know if you have any thoughts!

Besides the systems, there's a new Piece Of Universe in there somewhere, and the first inklings of a narrative! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. 

the inventory

There's not much you need to keep on your person as you potter about in APOTU, but the few times that you do want to, it can be awkward to keep holding something you'd normally just stuff in your pocket temporarily. So now, you can stuff them in your coat! It's a decidedly messy system, and I love it for it. 


Honestly, having to awkwardly pick up stuff you drop on the floor in VR is pure magic. Still, it doesn't work in all setups – some people have little space, or bad sensor range at their feet. Some people can't bend easily at all, or have objects be out of reach for all kinds of reasons. In comes telekinetics! I'm trying to make it both convenient and awkward (fun awkward, obvs), so it doesn't become too much of a crutch. 

Also, you can telekinetically juggle. I may have made this just a bit too much fun. 


You don't come across diary fragments in the real world: you create them. You get flashes of inspiration when exploring, which you can materialize at the typewriter. Typed-out ideas are entered into a lovely stuffy binder so you can re-read and carry them around. Only a few fragments for now – don't go scouring all over for them! But I love the sense of purpose they give the place.


And last but not least, a whole new wo– well, a piece of a whole new world to explore! If you follow my twitter, you may have an idea of how to get there already, but if you don't, let's just say you need to get yourself wet.

Enjoy! Don't be a stranger!


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Sep 25, 2018

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Really cool, though I am not a fan of the extremely low contrast which makes it seem your headset's lenses are fogged.

Heh I hear you! It's not the low contrast per se, but my judicious use of volumetric fog. I personally like the atmosphere it creates, but I know it can also feel like smeared lenses! There's a settings panel behind the caravan where you can turn of the volumetrics, see if that makes it better for you!

Thanks for replying. Yeah, the fog definitely looks nice on screenshots, but not so good in VR. I hope you release this on Steam at some point. It's definitely not getting the attention it deserves on Itch.io